Customer's needs
Technology development cooperation
& product development

The Customized Design, New Product Development, And Technical Collaborations with customers for all kinds of heat Exchangers Units and Pressure Vessels have been a keen strategy to expand Our business area to industrial fields such as Industrial Engine Builders, Oil & Chemical Factory, Plants Air Conditioning Factory, etc.

Developed the Air Cooling Radiator for Power Generator in 2008, Mytechas joined PPS (Package power Station) project and DPP(Diesel Power Plant) project, and has finally delivered the quality goods to the customers. With Cost innovation Activity and continuous investment in Development & Quality Improvements, We are aiming to fulfilling With the Customers' needs.


Plate Heat Exchanger Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Air cooler / Radiator Gland Steam Condenser
(Plate) Fin Tube Heat Exchanger Spiral Heat Exchanger
Brazed Heat Exchanger Recuperator
Pressure Vessel / Tank