Leader in the manufacture of heat exchangers in Korea

As one of the leading maker of Heat Exchanger in Korea, we have registered and received many Orders from not only Korean major shipyards but many customers in Worldwide.

Steady investment to Development, Customer Satisfaction Management, much Skilful Engineers with lots of experience in many projects are Our key Strength to have been grown as a major and trustful maker of Heat Exchangers in Marine & Offshore business field.

Our major products are Plate type Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube type Heat Exchanger, Various kinds of Heaters/Coolers, and Fresh Water Generators, etc. In Order to provide Worldwide Customers. With better technical Service Optimized products to local markets, and On-time delivery, We are now preparing for the newest facilities for OverSeas territories in near future.


Plate Heat Exchanger Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Fresh Water Generator (조수기) COPT Vacuum Condenser
Tank Cleaning Heater Dump/Drain Cooler (ATM Condenser)
Electric Heater