Global TOTAL SOLUTION for Heat Exchanger

비전 그리고 미션 열교환기분야의 글로벌 토탈 솔루션 제공 및 확립


Provide final results and services for customer value creation

Operation Quality Productivity
Target Sales Turnover : USD5O MIL. by 2O20
Build up better corporate culture based on Harmony, Challenge, and Trust
Secure and Cultivate the Capable Manpower
Proper Incentives on Performance
Cost innovation Activity
Structure a strict Quality Management System
Achieve the Quality index of Customers
Constant Quality Improvement Activity
Reinforce a Company-wide Quality Control System
- Achieve the Production Quotas
- 6 SIGMA / Innovative Proposed Activity
- 3 "P" s & 55 "C" s :
a. Proper items, Proper Quantity and Proper Place
b. Composition, Coordination, Cleaning, Cleanliness, Carriage of Attitude


핵심가치 및 역량 5가지 상세설명